"Scilter's latest album is a masterclass in progressive rock. Be sure not to miss their live shows - there's a whole different sound to it"


- The MetaMag -

Scilter is a made up and trademarked word. It is also a word recognized as far as New York, but mostly popular in their home state of Florida. To Florida, Scilter represents a powerful lyric driven rock band, that is ready for a bigger and brighter future. With influences like Nickleback, Creed, 3 Doors Down, and Breaking Benjamin. Scilter's future goes beyond an award winning Florida local band. And anyone who has experienced their live emotional performance will agree. Scilter has had the pleasure of meeting and performing with; Skid Row, Fuel, Molly Hatchet, Trust Company, Breaking Benjamin, Non Point, Hed PE, Firehouse, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Theory of a Deadman, Sister Hazel and much more!

In mid 2008, Scilter took it upon themselves to write, record, and donate a theme song for The Cowhead Show who had recently switched from mornings to afternoons to accommodate for popular radio personality, Bubba the Love Sponge. The song was aired the next day, and was loved by the Cowhead Show crew. This marked the day that Scilter made friends with Florida's number one afternoon radio show. Since then, Scilter has appeared in studio, and have participated in a number of events including performing at the Cowhead Show Live Gig 3 where Scilter performed with Skid Row for over a thousand people. 

Not only has Scilter made friends with Cowhead at the rock station, but managed to turn heads by donating $100 to have their hit song "So Different" played on 98Rock. A few weeks later, Scilter received a call by Mike Olivero from Clearchannel wanting them to play Gasparilla opening up for Fuel and other great national acts. 

Scilter's ability to think outside the box has benefited them in many ways, causing them to stick out above other indie bands in their area. Scilter has traveled up as far as Illinois touring for weeks at a time, and has been a hit in places like Myrtle Beach, SC. where Scilter performed in May of 2008 and 2009 with artists like Firehouse, and Molly Hatchet during bike week. 

In April 2010 Scilter was referred to Sister Hazel as Tampa's top opening act, and local band. Scilter shared the stage at the Ritz in Ybor, Fl. and made a big impression. The following weeks Scilter hit the studio to record their second album.

Whether you're a large venue full of thousands of people, or a small bar in need of a great band that does covers to entertain 50 people for three hours at a time, Scilter has done it all, and is ready to hit the road and perform for you.


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